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I’m a writer, travel-illustrator and photojournalist. I love to share stories, but it takes time to produce them. It all starts with an idea or an encounter. This is followed by research, readings and especially by time spent in the field. Then there is a reflection, distance, matured and finally writing. Reporting stories requires commitment, literally and figuratively. Wanting to get away from the frenzy of information in 140 characters, the unreserved sharing of content and cursory look at a complex world, I travel the land according to my steps to bring back stories.

I offer to those who decide to support me, the opportunity to become a member and have access to a section with exclusive content.

For 2$ CAD/month or 20$CAD/year, you’ll find on MAPMonde-Media, exclusive previews, videos of my current production or workflow, articles, stories, in-depth reports and documentary films (some old and very long article are not translated in English yet, but every new one will be bilingual when posted). Thank you to help me produce quality content for your pleasure, inspiration and information.

To thank you for helping me produce quality content for your pleasure, to inspire and inform you, this is what I offer as gifts:

Thank you gifts for your subscription to the section member

  • If you subscribe for a year, I will send you a link to download the eBook, “Humani Afrika | Malagasy Chronicles.”

  • If you decide to support me with $ 25 / year or more, you will receive, in addition, by mail, a letter from the MAPMonde Correspondences (I will need your mailing address).

  • If you decide to support me with $ 50 / year, you will receive by mail in addition to the above gifts, a 8 x 10 artist print on art paper of museum quality. I will contact you to suggest images (photo or illustration / watercolour) from which you can choose the one you want.

  • If you decide to support me with $ 100 / year, you will receive in bonus:

– A one-year subscription to MAPMonde Correspondences

– A digital HD wallpaper every month

– A 30 minutes meeting via SKYPE (or in person in Joliette, Montréal or if I am around your locality for a project) to answer your questions or on a subject of your choice (adventure/photo expedition discussion, Photo technic, question on my workflow, etc.)

You can offer to a loved one, any of these subscriptions by clicking here.

To become a member, click on the following link and when you click on any article, a subscription window will appear. You can choose the option that you like (monthly or yearly). You will need to subsequently enter your email address and a personal password. You will be prompted to close the subscription window and MAMonde-Media section will open. (In a subsequent visit, if the subscription window opens again while you are still a member, click on the link ” Sign in ” at the bottom of the window to ” access “ articles).

To follow the publications of the member’s section, I invite you to sign up here and you will receive an email notification for each new post.

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Click here to access the MAPMonde-Media private section.

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