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It is always with some excitement that I open this correspondence every month. There is a certain closeness that you can not find in an email. I always look forward to reading this little piece of living history accompanied by an artistic illustration by the author. I recommend it to those who are nostalgic of the postal correspondence era and to younger who wish to experience it. B. Lamb, early subscriber

Are we many to love opening an envelope to discover a piece of paper, unfold it and delve into a story that is told through the calligraphy of a storyteller ? Do they put it aside, but not too far, always in sight for a few days, just to stretch one’s arm, grasp and read it again with delight?

Are you someone who would like to discover the world by correspondence with a handwritten story on a watercolour sketch?

Once a month, I sketch and gather information from my travelling. Then I hand-write a letter around the watercolour sketch. I scan the resulting letter and print them on a beautiful linen paper. I add a personal introduction (Dear Michael…) and signature. Please note that I can’t physically send a complete original handwritten letter to each person. Also, French is my native language. I am used to translating my text in English, but sometimes, grammatical errors slip in. Please forgive me if you find any mistake and I’ll be glad to read comments and corrections so I improve my English writing skills.

A trailer for a film in preparation

Check the subscription plans (1, 6 or 12 letters). A handwritten letter and sketch is also a wonderful way to give a gift.

All prices include postal fees.

  • One letter: $10 CAN
  • 6 months letters: $50,24 CAN
  • 12 months letters: $75,49 CAN

To subscribe, you have several options. You can click on the type of subscription you want on my Etsy shop, here below. Once on the Etsy website, you may have to switch to the English version of each page. It is important to write your mailing information in the “Note to MAPMonde-Media” field (on your cart page).

Or if you prefer, by contacting me, I can send you a Paypal invoice in the amount of your selection. Contact me to let me know your selection and your delivery address, or for more information on the different options.

I work on fair trade principles. I am an artisan and one-man-band. So you won’t see any Valentine, Easter or Black Friday marketing stunts.

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