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After documenting the world of documentary photography and photojournalism for many years *, I returned to a form of visual language more subjective, more humane, but also closer to emotions, at -least mine – to tell a story . Documentary sketches and watercolour. In early 2015, I went back to drawing and I started documenting my environment using watercolour sketches as well, if not more than with photography.

“With an assumed subjectivity, an artistic approach, but also with technical resources of its own, this way of doing reportage is both original and close to the work on the reality of writers, filmmakers, artists, and some journalists. The little voice of documentary sketches is one that gives a meaning to the concept of reportage”(Christophe Dabitch)

That’s it! Stories and reportages where the audience, usually bombarded with unrealistic and sanitized images, will focus on the experience that support the story and the result of my relationship with the subject. Colour will appear by subtle watercolour gradations. Travellers-Reporter-illustrators, I sketch the world, my notebook in hand and I bring from my wanderings, watercolour sketches, mostly done on site or reworked once back at the studio. Stories told as did the travellers and explorers for centuries. I noticed that it improves the contact with the subject and add a touch of humanity in a world where we are pushed to go fast, much too fast.

My mission is to explore, document and tell the human story combining text, photography and travel sketches, to inform, but also to honour and remember. I tell you the story of human action with my eye, my pen, my camera, my brushes and my heart. And curiously, now nobody asks me what brushes I have used …

Here is my portfolio of documentary illustrations. Click on an image to see full-screen.

* I do not completely abandon photojournalism. You will find my photographic portfolio here.

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