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I’m a writer-traveler, journalist and documentary visual storyteller (photography, watercolor and moving images).

Although I am selective in my collaborations so that they are consistent with my values, I want a fair deal, not a commercial one, especially as I believe that my pictures can be socially useful. But I am aware that they are more expensive than images from an anonymous image bank (as iStock or others) and commercial.

My photos are not created in a context of “image bank”. They are part of a documentary author approach and required a significant investment of time and a level of commitment on my part. Thus, for example, to successfully create photos of the camp of the hunger strike of Native American Chief Theresa Spence, I had to spend a few days there with her and her supporters to gain their trust. Thus I was able to slip into the activities and ceremonies and spend time in Ms. Spence tipi. But as I mentioned earlier, and despite their uniqueness, I also want them to inform so they have utility in the community.

My productions are offered to publishers, media and clients. Customers or content buyers interested in my full productions (written adventure and exploration stories, photography and visual reportages, multimedia productions) can contact me so me or (my collaborators when I am away) give them a password to the reserved section of the site and thus evaluate the production and editorial relevance.

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All Original Material on this website may not be copied or retransmitted via any means without the prior permission of Marc-André Pauzé. All photographs and texts remain the property of the creators and are protected under International copyright laws.

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You may link back to any of these photos/video/audio/posts but you may not copy them onto your site unless there is a code to embedded media.

Following are reference pages on Copyright and Ethics issues

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why I don’t work for free (or for credit)


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