Wandering souls. Teenagers walk like wandering ghosts. Mainstream society wants them to perform, have education and jobs, but do not accept that they come from another culture with shifting values. So they are ostracised, and they feel rejected. Inuit communities are facing so many social problems that children are often left alone to themselves. When they are lucky, they have grand-parents to care for them. It is difficult for them to find role models, however. Their grand-parents are models of the past, no more relevant in a modern world, and their parents often have a chaotic life, that teenagers escape through junk food, music, electronic games, toxicomania and sometimes, suicide.

Marc-André Pauzé
Marc-André Pauzé est un reporter photographe primé, artiste-voyageur et auteur, qui s’est donné une mission, celle d’explorer, documenter et raconter l’humain par la photographie documentaire et le croquis, afin d’informer, mais aussi pour rendre hommage et ne pas oublier. Il a ramené de ses voyages une grande quantité de récits et d’images. Il nous raconte l’histoire de l’action humaine à l’aide de son oeil, son coeur, sa plume et sa caméra.

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